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Online Counselling and psychotherapy
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It is time to solve our problems with the help of experts and therapists. There is a place to talk and get professional help without being known or being judged. 

There is no need anymore to spend so much effort, time and money to see a good therapist.

With HiExpert connect to expert now, from any where in the world you are and talk with professional, licensed therapists online, in a way you like: video call, voice call or text messaging. 

Convenient & Fast

Now and from every where you are, from small villages to modern cities, from home to work to park and even metro ...

Praivate & Secure

In a private secure environment known as psyroom (Virtual Psychology Room) while you are anonymous and no one is aware

licensed and professional

Connect to a "licensed, professional and integrated" therapist

Affordable & Effective

with affordable price and change your life forever


Our Experts

Dr. Serwa Mohamadzadeh

Dr. Ali Ebrahimi

Dr Najmeh Noorbakhsh

Dr. Flor Rezai

Kamal Barzegar

Dr. Mohammad Nasiri

Ali Salehi

Dr. ghasem Abdolpour

Immediate Consultant


busy ? urgent problem? no time to wait?
We set the therapist's time based on "your" time

What our customers said

I am a manager in a big company. I am very happy that I can talk to a expert, while I am in my own office without wasting time in traffic and therapist's waiting room. I'm so exited.
My wife an I live in Australia and we had too many troubles in our relationship. I had some sessions with a therapist elsewhere that was not effective. I'd been thinking about divorce that my friend suggested HiExpert. As my last effort, I tried HiExpert. My wife and I had 10 sessions with our therapist here and the result was awesome. We both have been changed. and we are going to keep on for the next 10 sessions.
I live in a small city and there were some annoying parts in my life and I did think I should pass so many processes to see a good therapist! All of a sudden I find HiExpert. I did not know seeing a therapist have made so easy!


At the time you need

Imagine you are at an urgent time that you need a counselor or therapist. you call a clinic and they say you can book an appointment for a month later! what will happen during that month till you finally be able to see that expert? with HiExpert you can see a therapist immediately at the time you need.

Private, Secure & anonymous

Do you like to get psychological help in a way no one from your friends and family members are aware? Do you want to be anonymous? HiExpert is a place when you can get help while you are anonymous. no need to even give your phone number. go to a PsyRoom by clicking a link and get help in a secure and private place.

Faster Effectiveness

Imagine you are in a clinic to see a therapist, you pay the price and see a Doctor but then you shame to talk about your real problem. You then start talking about everything except your real problem! So you will get nothing out of the counseling!
The secure, private and anonymous space of virtual psychological room in Hiexpert, provides you with a space to talk about what really matters for you, to reveal the secrets that have been deeply annoyed you. And this, with help you to get result faster and better.

In the place you are

Have you ever seen people who say:" well, it is been six months that I want to see a counselor I really need it! " Many of us are extremely busy at work and traffic form morning to night! HiExpert gives this opportunity to connect to experts in a more convenient way, for example when we are resting at home at night or when we have some free time at work and so on.

Effecitve & Professional

Psychotherapists in HiExpert use high level standards to consult and treat clients. They use online protocols such as internet based CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) in their works. They follow a treatment plan in every session and help the client to progress and become his/her own therapist after completing the treatment plan.

Available Anywhere

If you live in a small town and don’t have access to a good psychologist,
if you live outside the borders of your own country and do not have access to a psychologist who speak with your mother thong and be of your culture,
if you cannot get out of the house for some obstacles such as physical disabilities or nursing,
then online counseling and psychotherapy helps you to connect to a good therapist from anywhere you are

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no need to install any app

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