To reserve an online consultation through the form below, first define the subject area of your question, then specify the type of meeting (30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes) . After that a list of related consultants will be appeared. Then choose one of the advisers and click on the next button to refer to his/her scheduling page. Note that the timetable is only related to the consultant you chose, so if you failed to find your desired time in consultant page, you can go back and choose another consultant.

If the timetable page of the consultant is large and complex, first select the days you want on the same page to arrange the scheduling of the counselor according to your desired dates.

After selecting the consultant and the time, enter your contact information and then you will be redirected to the payment page. After payment, your appointment time will be fixed and the booking details will be emailed to you and the adviser.

In addition, if you have registered on the site, you can send the message to the adviser directly.

If you need an urgent consulting, you can now click the “Get Started” button. By tapping this button, you will be connected to the operators, the will introduce you an online counselor corresponds to your problem subject and after payment you’ll be connected to an him/her. Then you can have an online counseling session with him/her right away using video call, voice call or text messaging.

Booking an Appointment


In online consultation, you can see a psychotherapist or get advice from a counselor from anywhere you are using internet. You can have video call, voice call or text messaging with your counselor and experience a highs standard, secure, private and even anonymous consulting and therapy,

You can talk with your counselor in a virtual psychology room name as PsyRoom that is compatible with computer, laptop, cellphone and tablet. 


There is no ordinary call actually. We use video conferencing software named as PsyRoom that works as virtual psychology room. We give you the link and you can enter using username and password. In that room you can simultaneously use three formats of communication: Video call, voice call and text messaging.