1- Begin consultation

1- To get started, just click the button below to open the chat panel and talk with operators who will connect you to the right expert.

2- Write your question

In a few sentences, write down your question. So the operators can connect you with an expert in your area of question. 

3- Talking with operator

At this point, you will be connected to the operator. The operator speaks to you and and depending on your issue introduce you an online consultant. You can also see the expert’s resume on his/her profile. 

4- Do Payment

To have consultation session with the expert, pay the price through the expert’s personal page that is shared with you by the the operator. 

5- Enjoy counseling

Now the operator gives you the link of the expert’s PsyRoom (Virtual Psychology Room). Using this PsyRoom you can have online consulting in each of the text, voice call or video call that you and your therapist prefer. 

Frequency Asked Questions

Frequency Ask Questions

How it works

Online counseling is in the form of video chat, audio chat or text messaging in a space called the Virtual Psychology Room (PsyRoom). By clicking on the link of PsyRoom and entering username and password you can start the session installing any particular application. In the PsyRoom, only two people, you and the consultant, are participated. Unless for the case that you need group counseling (like a couple therapy). In this situation, you and your partner which may be in different locations can both participated in the same PsyRoom.

Yes, our therapists have different psychological assessments that apply at different times. Some of these tests are for identifying the character in pre-marriage counseling, or identifying a person for recruitment in companies. Some of these tests are conducted as part of the interview and evaluation process to better assess the personality aspects of the client and help to speed up his treatment process. These tests are tailored to the diagnosis of the therapist by the client and can save advisory sessions for the valuable information they provide. The method of doing these tests is online