Is this the price you pay or the investment you make?

Sometimes ago one of my friends who is a manager of company told me that they wanted to close a deal with a great engineer who had a very high level resume. They first started to collaborate for two months as a test duration to see if they can work together or not. During this time they realized that there are some strange aspects in the personality of that engineer. His work unfortunately had broken into days of high level and energetic activity and days of absence and irresponsibility! He had shown many other behaviors that were symptom of some mental dis functionality.  Therefore, in spite of all his talents and experiences, they refused to close the deal.  Their collaboration of the engineer with all the possible profits ended up just because he had taken no action to treat his mental problems that had affected his performance at work. And the bad news is that his failure to acquire this opportunity will surely make his mood even worse! 

The story of this man is one the thousands that happens every day to people around us who are talented, gifted and educated. But they lost their jobs, their relationships, their friends and family and their positions just because they have done nothing to improve to treat their mental dis-functionality or to solve their problems by consulting an expert. And the outcome of all these failures makes their mood even worse and drops them into a negative slope of consecutive injuries and failures in life.  

Spending money on improving your mood, on treating your mental dis-functionality or getting help from an expert to solve your problem is a real investment you can make on yourself. HiExpert is a place to make such professional therapy available, comfortable and affordable to you.  

Single Sessions

The price of a single session of online consultation 

using video call, voice call or text chat

30 minutes


  • Video call/Voice Call or Text chat
  • Follow up Messages

45 minutes


  • Video Call/ Voice Call or Text Chat
  • Follow up Messages

60 minutes


  • Video call/Voice call or Text Chats
  • Follow up Messages

Treatment PAckages

5 Sessions


  • Discount: 25€
  • Total Time:3 hr+45 min
  • Video Call/Voice call or Text Chat
  • Follow up Messages

8 Sessions


  • Discount :40 €
  • Total Time:6 hr
  • Video Call/ Voice call/ Text Chat
  • Follow up Messages

10 Sessions


  • Discount : 70€
  • Total Time 7.5 hr
  • Video Call/Voice Call or Text Chat
  • Follow up Messages